An All-Latina Mariachi Deserves An Oscar For This Rendition Of’Bohemian Rhapsody’

Mexicanas stay killing the game this year.

Hype over “Roma” might be dwindling down a bit since the Oscars are over, but Yalitza Aparicio is proving herself to be a Hollywood mainstay and even though “Bohemi

This year at the Oscars, Mexicans gave just about every nominee a run for their money. Yalitza Aparicio offered up heavy competition to some of Hollywood’s most veteran actresses, including Glenn Close for the Best Actress category. Alfonso Cuarón gave Spike Lee a reason to sweat when the category for Best Director came up. And while the Oscars season is completely over, I’d tell “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Best Actor award winner Rami Malek to watch his back.

In a video gone viral this week, Latinas part of the mariachi group Innovación Mexicana covered Queen’s beloved hit “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The 11-member group sang the son g for fans twice. Once in an outdoor venue where onlookers watched in delight as they belted out the complex notes of the song once sung by Freddie Mercury and another time in a polished video.

The mariachi renditions of the song are equal parts lively and poignant, all that the mariachi-style is beloved for.

The different versions will for real bring you to tears.

Users on Youtube have been stunned by how amazing the band is. “Freddie would be delighted. Freddie hubiera encantado,” one user wrote.

Seriously! Have a watch.

Just about any big event hosted by Latinxs is bound to have three things: delicious food, drinks to get the party going, and some great tunes. Mariachi performances are especially a party favorite. In fact, they can be found at all kinds of events such as quinceañeras, festivals and even funerals. While the genre has been popular in Mexico since the 18th century, we’ve started to see women make their mark on Mariachi music. These mujeres bring beauty, talent, stage presence and innovation to a genre of music that often excluded them. As a matter of fact, they’re proving that Mariachi is a girl’s game.

Here are some badass all-mujer Mariachi bands that put your tio’s old favs to shame.

Mariachi Margaritas

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These Brownsville beauties are spreading their brand of Mariachi music all across South Texas. While they’ve toured through the Rio Grande Valley area, Mariachi Margaritas has also dipped down into Guadalajara, Mexico. During that time, they played alongside Mexican celebrities Pedro Fernandez, Pablo Montero and Flor Amargo.

Flor de Toloache

Back in 2008, Flor de Toloache made history as New York City’s first all-female mariachi group. This group’s members embody the diversity of the Latinidad; hailing from Germany, the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Columbia, Cuba, Italy and Australia. Not to mention, Flor de Toloache even won a Latin Grammy in 2017 for their Ranchero album “Las Caras Lindas.”

Mariachi Las Catrinas

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Located in Los Angeles, this Mariachi band is committed to bringing fun and musica to the masses. Their brand of Mariachi has enabled the band to toured all over California. Additionally, Las Catrinas have preformed many times across Mexico.

Mariachi Las Adelitas

Located in London, Mariachi Las Adelitas proves that the Latinidad truly is international. Having toured all over the world, this band has played for the Mexican and U.S. Embassies in the UK, IKEA, the British Museum, and Disney.

Mariachi Mujer Latina

This Mariachi band from Guadalajara has performed throughout North America from Vancouver to California to all over Mexico. In fact, Mujer Latina even performed on live television and have appeared on “Luján en Vivo” and “Cantares y Costumbres.”

Mariachi Rosas Divinas

Mariachi Rosas Divinas was founded in 2004 as Dallas’s first and only all-woman Mariachi band. While they’ve played all over Texas, their brand of musica has taken them across the states from Chicago, Michigan, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Las Colibrí

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Inspired by the iconic beauties of 40s and 50s Mexican cinema, these Hummingbirds have a stylish flare all their own. Like traditional early 20th century Mariachi, Las Colibrí similarly features an all-string instrumental arrangement.

Mariachi Pasión

Mariachi Pasión started in a music class at Arizona State University in 2002. Their first gig was a performance for a member’s relative. However, they’ve come a long way; playing for former Mexican President Vicente Fox, George Lopez, Edward James Olmos and the Phoenix Suns.

Veronica Robles’ Female Mariachi

Veronica Robles started Boston’s first all-mujer Mariachi band in 2000. Widely recognized by music authorities as the most authentic representation of Mexican music in New England, Robles is know by fans as La Mera or The Real One. Moreover, her assembled band is made up of extremely talented women from around the world.

Mariachi Las Alteñas

This Tejana group was founded in 2002 in San Antonio, a positively city rich in Mexican culture and arts. While Las Alteñas preform their songs, they also interpret them for their audiences using elaborate choreography.

La Victoria

La Victoria is a trio of L.A. Chicanas who blend Mariachi traditions and contemporary life into their music. Created with their violin, guitar and guitarrón, this music embodies the a simple but powerful approach to Mariachi music.

Mariachi Guerrera Quetzalli

Texas’ Mariachi Guerrera Quetzalli is a ten mujer-strong San Antonio Mariachi band. Additionally to providing beautiful music for their fans, their goal is to empower women in the genre of Mariachi music.

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